ASI Optimum One Squares

ASI Optimum One Squares

Brand: Architectural Supplements
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The Optimum One square is a great looking planter that adds a different look to the base of the plant on display.  This Optimum One square size will accomodate a 6 inch plant and would be ideal for an aglaonema, croton, orchid or other same sized foliage.  The Optimum One is one of our more popular varieties, lightweight durable with a classic look that can fit into almost any space. This container is made of an eco fiberglass and is easily adaptable to our sub irrigation system making for easy watering and plant care. The Optimum One by Architectural Supplements is great economical option for a variety of design applications.  This container is clean and modern and would be beautiful in any installation, from commercial to residential.  The optimum one is also a great option for any plantscaper looking for a green living or eco- friendly product that reduces its carbon footprint by using recycled materials in its production.

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