ASI Euro Cylinder

ASI Euro Cylinder

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The Euro Cylinder is a classic mild tapered round design that provides the perfect foundation for any plant or flower.  Architectural Supplements was inspired by ceramic designs found in Europe, and first introduced the Earth Forms European Cylinders in 2004. Based on the popularity of these clean, elegant shapes, ASI expanded the Earth Forms European offering to include Squares, Rectangles, Tall Squares, Tall Cylinders, Tall Curves, Extra Tall Curves and Metal Stands. .The European Cylinder ranges in size from 5" to 42" and can be placed in both an interior or exterior environment.  This size would be ideal for a small orchid, or floral idea and best suited on a table, desk, or counter.  

General Information
Grow Pot Size: 4"
Sub-irrigation Size: SUB-04
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