ASI Athena Rectangles

ASI Athena Rectangles

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The Athena rectangle design is a modern look on the tapered rectangular plant pot or plant container.  The Athena is produced by Architectural Supplements and is a piece of art in and of itself bringing a modern take on an older style.  The round edges of this container give it a soft feel that can complement any indoor tropical plant available.  The colors are glossy and clean and provide multiple options to add vibrancy to any office or home.  This window box planter is perfect for a counter or window location holding up to 3/ 6" plants which can be arranged anyway you like.  Plants that would work well in this container are ferns, orchids, croton, pothos, or any other small house plant option.  The Athena rectangle container is a great home design idea that can be used for many different gardening uses. They come in a variety of bright and vibrant colors to matcha ny color scheme or taste.  

General Information
Grow Pot Size: 6" x 3
Sub-irrigation Size:
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